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Is Campfire available in my area?

Campfire is currently available in the iOS App Store for residents of the United States of America (USA) and Canada (CA). We do have plans to invite friends from around the globe to our camp in the future. 

How long can my audio recording be?

Each Campfire post allows you to record 30 seconds of audio. To record, tap the icon on the right of the new post screen. For best results, record your audio in a quiet location so that your voice can be heard loud and clear.

Who sees my Campfire posts?

By default, all posts uploaded to Campfire are made public for all to see. Make sure all the photos and content you share is something you're comfortable with sharing with everyone!

Can I make a Campfire post private?

Making private posts on Campfire isn't an option at this time. Our app is designed based on your passion for communication, sharing openly and community building.

Can I share my Campfire posts to other social media?

In order to share a Campfire post from the app to twitter, facebook, reddit, or other social media, you'll need to screenshot/ record your screen and share that photo or video to the platform of your choice. Easy share buttons are a feature that we are working to add soon.

Can I delete my Campfire account?

You can delete your Campfire account by going to the 'Settings' tab in the app and following the prompts. 

Can I change my Campfire username?

To change your Campfire username, go to 'Edit Profile' in the app and follow the prompts. You can use your real name, or an alias - as long as the name doesn't violate any of our community guidelines. 

Can others save my Campfire posts?

Other Campfire users cannot save your posts at this time. In order to save a post from Campfire, others will need to screenshot or record your screen. 

Can I edit my Campfire posts after uploading?

Editing Campfire posts once they are live on the app feed isn't an option at this time, however, you do get unlimited time to perfect your content before posting.

Can I upload Video or GIFs to Campfire?

Campfire is a photo sharing platform first, so only photos are allowed on Campfire. The vocals, music, and other audio you record make it an audio focused experience.

Can I block a user?

Yes, you can block users that you do not wish to interact with on Campfire. Alternatively, you can report them from the inbox if they have violated any of our community guidelines.

Does Campfire listen to me when I'm not using the app?

No, Campfire does not use the microphone to monitor incoming audio unless you are actively recording.

Does Campfire use my location data?

Campfire does use your location data to improve your user experience and ensure that we are serving you the most relevant content. 


I cant log in/ password reset issues

If you are unable to login while using the app, we ask that you reach out to our support line to report the issue and we will help you get it resolved quickly. 

I can’t post

If you are having issues recording or uploading photos to Campfire, please restart the app and try again. If that doesnt work, you can reach out to our support line at

Why can't I hear the audio

If you're unable to hear the audio caption on a Campfire post, please double check the volume on your device! If that doesnt work, please restart the app and try again. 

Why do I hear the wrong audio

If you are hearing audio from a different post on Campfire when viewing another post, congratulations - you found a bug! Please report to with a screenshot of the profile and we'll resolve the issue. 

I can’t change my profile picture

If you are having issues changing your Campfire profile picture, please write into We do prohibit certain photos being uploaded to enforce our community guidelines and trust and safety policies. 

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