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Campfire, Where Your Friends Are

Campfire is where you tell the story behind the moment in the photo. There are no edits, just the story. Like gathering around a campfire, you share your stories in a fun and authentic way. Campfire uses the power of voice and audio to give a behind-the-scenes look, making your stories all the more amazing.

How it works

Campfire begins with you choosing a photo from your camera roll to share. Once your photo is uploaded, you’ll have 30 seconds to tell us the story behind that picture.

Campfire app screenshot - Voice recording

Campfire is centered on the power of voice and audio because no two voices are exactly alike so it provides real, genuine connection. We’ll add captions to help people read your story when they’re not somewhere they can listen. Your post is shared so everyone can see, listen, and engage with you at the Community campsite. It’s like gathering your friends around the campfire - only virtually.

Campfire app screenshot - Feed

Adding your friends to your campsite

You can build your own campsite and invite your friends to join. When you invite them, your friends will get a notification and you’ll be able to see everyone in your campsite. You can swap your feed between engaging with everyone to just the people you’ve added to your campsite.

Campfire app screenshot - Notifications

Audio backdrops

To provide people with more tools, we’re launching SoundSuite which lets you take your story to the next level. It includes audio backdrops that turn a simple voice note into an engaging story. We’re kicking things off with four categories in nature, lofi, relaxing, and upbeat rhythms, and providing more than 10 total sounds. You’ll get to add sounds like ocean waves, nature’s love, tranquil views, and Upbeat E Pop.

Campfire app screenshot - Soundsuite

Campfire is the future of storytelling and we’re excited to keep building in the months ahead. The platform is available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Download Campfire today and share the story behind your photo!

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