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xTheCampfire - July Updates

Hey Campers, Happy 4th! Since our official launch to the iOS app store, many of you have already joined us around the campfire to tell stories of your own. It’s been great seeing how creative the community is, and the general response is positive (4.9/5 avg. app store rating!). Even so, we’re still working hard to improve the platform and bring you the best experience possible. We’re excited to announce some key updates that we’re planning to release this month that focus on audio elements, connections, and more. KEY UPDATES

Soundsuite: SoundSuite lets you add a layer of audio behind your voice to make your captions even more engaging and immersive. Our idea was to help users create experiences within the caption, instead of limiting them to texts and emojis. This update expands Campfire’s core functionality in a way that truly captures the essence of Campfire, which is traditional storytelling meets modern technology. Everyone has that friend or family member that tells the best stories. They probably use descriptive language and animated gestures to convey the emotion behind the story. Our aim is to give you the option to emulate that energy by adding a layer of background audio that compliments the story being told. We’re really excited to see how creative you get with this new update. Recording Limit Increase (20 to 30 seconds) We heard the feedback from the community - Campfire users have a lot more to say. We want to give you ample time to get your point across, so we are increasing the recording limit to 30 seconds. Adding Connections (Friends) We know that sharing is caring, but sharing with friends is even better. With this update, you’ll be able to add people to your network and ensure that your stories appear on their feed. In-App Search This feature is pretty much essential to making your Campfire experience as seamless as possible. You’ll be able to locate whatever you’re looking for

In- App Photo Capture You now have more options with photos you share on Campfire - upload from your camera roll, or, take the photo from within the app. CREATOR SPOTLIGHT @JUSTALEXBRUH

Shout out to Alex for being super creative, original, and entertaining on Campfire. Check out his content on the app and drop a like.

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